Baris is a great team leader. He cares about his team, he knows what his team is doing, he guide the team in the right direction. On the projects we work together, we had tight time constrains and challenges with previously poorly designed test strategies and with Baris guidance, the team have been able to put a plan to implement automation (SDLC) strategies while ensuring delivery by coordinating the right amount of resources for complementary manual testing.

Baris has a clear vision on how to improve the team capabilities, to use tooling to be me more productive, to increase quality and implement those strategic initiatives while keeping the delivery dates on the tactical work.

Baris is not only a great team leader, he also has an deep hands-on knowledge in the cybersecurity space, where he had a critical influence on the direction of Merck digital solutions, as on the field of medical device communications (IoT) with our backend systems.

I can’t wait to work with Baris again.