“It’s not artificial intelligence I’m worried about, it’s human stupidity.” - Neil J.

Baris Ersezer

Digital Product Leader at Novartis

I am a solution oriented digital product development lead that use innovative technology to provide values to users. A solution must integrate into the digital life of the users to be really useful and easy to adopt. See my interview with Daniel Jordi in the aligned leader

Digital Health
SW Eng.



Digital Product Development Lead

May 2019 - Present, Switzerland

Digital Product Development leader in the Connected Health Department

  • Leading the development of digital therapies (Supplier Management, Project Management, Design Control, Team coordination, UX/UI Workshop.,
  • Due Diligence Bring technical expertise for business development and aquisitions.
  • Digital Platform GxP grade Cloud platform for multiple projects.

Director, Head of Digital Product Excellence

February 2016 - April 2019, Vaud, Switzerland

Merck MD&S is the Medical Device Development & Services department in Merck Healthcare.

  • People and Strategy Management in Digital Product Quality Engineering.
  • Validation activities for SW as medical device or Physical drug injectors.
  • Management of outsourcing strategy and activities.

Software Development Leader
Johnson & Johnson

November 2011 - January 2016, Nauchatel, Switzerland

J&J Codman is a Neuro Science research & development department for Neuro domain

  • Team Leader & Scrum master for the development and testing of embedded medical device.
  • Lead medical device development in accordance with standards like ISO13485 & IEC 62304.
  • High level software design. Definition of modules and inter-process interfaces.
  • Full V&V Cycle, Test protocol & Integration testing with custom tools.


May 2007 - August 2012, Brussels, Belgium

Founder and CTO of IT and Printing service startup.

CTO, Team leader @ Internal & B2B customers

June 2002 - August 2012

  • Technical leader for Web based application for targeted advertising
  • Program manager for customer projects and team leadership
  • Bare metal dedicated server system admin for web hosting
  • Life cycle management of a portfolio of 180+ web products.
Software Development Leader @ Option NV

June 2011 - October 2011

  • Embedded application development for IoT device.
  • Wifi and 3G technologies.
  • SW Development using HTML, CSS, Javascript (jQuery), C
  • Embedded linux platform (OpenWRT)
Embedded SW Engineer @ AW Europe

August 2010 - May 2011

  • Embedded application development for IoT device.
  • Wifi and 3G technologies.
  • SW Development using HTML, CSS, Javascript (jQuery), C
  • Embedded linux platform (OpenWRT)
Software Team Leader @ Xerox CFET

February 2009 - September 2010

  • Team leader of software engineers for printer UI development
  • Management of technology and requirments
Embedded Software Engineer @ TEC (SRWT)

May 2007 - January 2009

  • Development of the new generation tickeking system for Wallonian public transports

Software Developer
Techno Trade

April 2001 - April 2002, Waterloo, Belgium

Techno Trade is a innovative company in remote monitoring and data logging systems at an international scape

  • Software developer for edge device configurator and data extraction

Software Developer (Freelancer)

September 2000 - September 2001, Bornem, Belgium

IBM business service

  • Software developer CLS project. Currency exchange platform for large bank accounts.

Software Developer

October 1998 - August 2000, Montreal, Canada

Hypersecur is a company innovating in smartcard and security industry at an international scape based in NA

  • Desing and development of OS for smartcards
  • Development of security application for Microsoft Windows based systems.


Owner 2003-2005

Development of open source application for WindowsCE & Mobile to send text message using IP protocols

Product Owner / Developer 2005 - 2011

Community web portal joinig company database, classified ads, advertising, articles. 6000 Companies, monthly magazine, high trafic web portal

Albion Online Guild Portal
Albion Online Guild Portal
Developer 2019 - Present

Development of a guild portal integrated with game server APIs and Discord APIs. Dashboard, tracking and statistics about game activities

DiY Keybaords
DiY Keybaords
Developer 2012 - Present

Crafting of mechacnical keyboard including layout desing, switch soldering, electronics and firmware development with USB/BLE stacks

Developer 2010 - Present

Modeling, simulating and gamifying the global water cycle for education purpose.



Project Management Professional (PMP)®
Certified Software Quality Engineer
Scrum Master Certificate
Certified Mobile App Testing
Certified Penetration Tester
Certified SW Tester
Computer Science (Lille/France)
Taken Courses
  • Introduction to computer systems, introduction to algorithms and programming, data structures and fundamental algorithms, introduction to databases, document and digital interface design, integrated project, discovery
  • Discrete mathematics, linear algebra, economic environment, company organisation and operation, English for computing, communication, personal professional project, understanding the professional world
  • Architecture and programming of basic computer system mechanisms, network architecture, fundamentals of objectoriented programming, fundamentals of object-oriented design, man and machine interaction fundamentals, database systems development and administration, integrated project, project description and planning
  • Graphs and languages, analysis and digital methods, accounting, financial, legal and social environment, computer project management, communication, English, personal professional project
  • Principles of operating systems, network services, advanced algorithms, server-side web programming, advanced objectoriented design, advanced database systems
  • Probabilities and statistics, mathematics modelling, information and communication technology law, management (information systems), communication, professional communication, collaborating in English
  • Software engineering methodology, integrated project, working as an IT professional, personal professional project, clarifying one’s project
  • System and network administration, distributed programming, web programming, design and development of mobile applications, additional computing with a view to immediate employment, integrated project, additional elements
  • Entrepreneurship workshops, operational research and decision-making support, communication, corporate communication, working in English
  • Internship (10 weeks)

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